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ok hi all this is my first post as i need help or some ideas at least. Ive got a Hsv Sv astra 1988 (same engine as the pulsar 88 i think 1.8i) problem is i dont think it goes fast enough but i love it, so i thought about the whole turbo thing but basically i dont have that sort of money and the damage that an after market turbo could do to my 20 year old engine wouldnt be pretty so . heres what im looking at doing.

i want to remove the fuel injection manifold and replace it with a good 4 cyl carby that WILL deliver me more horse power. . as to put on a carby i will need another manifold. can i get an after market manifold that will bolt straight on that i can connect a carby with ( possibly from an older model astra / pulsar ??) if so what model? and with a manifold how hard is it to attach a carby to or will most carbys just bolt straight on? so if anybody can help me in this super intresting modification pls reply. also any ideas on a powerfull carby that i could use fromk another car?

thanks heaps guys any questions or extra information just ask ok !!

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