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HELP Radiator fans will not turn on

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Hi everyone, I just finished replacing my radiator hose, upper and lower, and filled the radiator with brand new 50/50 coolant according to the fsm, and yesterday I was driving around the city for about 20 minutes and the temperature was normal. But then suddenly the temperature gauge started to shoot up quite a bit above normal. So I stoped the car and lifted the hood while the engine was still on, and to my surprise both radiator fans were not on?! But I know they are working since I changed the thermostat last week and the fans were working then. And also I turned on the a/c and the fans kicked in also. So any info would be appreciated. By the way I want to get this fixed because im going back to school next week which is a three hour drive. Thanks.
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I just went through a similar scenario. You might want to check the fan relay and fan fuse. The fan relay should be the same type as the A/C compressor relay. I disconnected the battery before checking and swapping relays. Once swapped, if your A/C still works then you know the relay is good. The relay box is to the left of the battery and the fuse box for the radiator fans is to the right side of the battery next to the fender wall. If that doesn't work, I don't really know what else could be causing the issue other than some sort of temperature sensor not communicating with the ECU. That's just speculation on my part since I don't know what else the issue might be.
my car does this also, maybe the guages go bad after a while? i also changed my temp sendor with no luck. i was going to put in an aftermarket temp guage to watch my temperature, i ended up wiring my fans to spin all the time, ga16de cooling issues are a pain sometimes.i did water pump, t-stat no t-stat radiator rod out, head gasket. you name fans would spin but the needle would be a bit past half.
Thanks for the replies, but I still need to check the relays and see if their OK. The good thing is that my engine isnt overheating no more, although the fans still do not come on. Its just that one day that it did it was like 100 degrees. Texas. Instead of me wiring my fans to turn on all the time, what I have done is to just take out the A/C compressor fuse from under the dash by the steering wheel and whenever I need to turn on the fans all I need to do is turn on the A/C and the fans will come on but the actual A/C system will not since the fuse is out. This is strictly when I need to though. But one more question, their is a hole on top of the thermostat but it has no screw in it? This was like this when I bough the car, is this normal. Because when I changed the coolant this was the first time I noticed that empty screw hole and decided to put a screw in it. Something weird happened when I started the car after wards. The fans came on for about 5 seconds on a cold engine then they stopped responding until now. But I decided to take the screw out but still no luck. Thanks for the replies.
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thanks it was the relay!
Actually no, it was not the relay. HAHA sorry for laaaaaaatttteeeeee reply. It was actually the coolant temperature sensor that needed to be replaced. The electrode on the old sensor had almost been eaten alive, so to say. But it solved my problems and I also bought 2 brand new fans from ebay for around 80 bucks and they've been working pretty well. (Better than autozone which charges you 80 for a single fan!)
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