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Hello! I have a brown 1986 720 deluxe pickup in great shape with 194,117k miles. Everything is original and runs great. It has no leaks, no body damage and all Maintenance Paperwork. Comes with pioneer Navigation with remote, custom fiberglass tunnel cover with keys, Spray in linex bed liner, Vision X led lights, All season floor mats, seat covers (the seats are in excellent condition) and a dash cover.
my question is, how much should I list it for? Thank you all in advance.

Parking brake
4 wheel hubs
Cruise control


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That's a great-looking 720! I see you also got a set of Frontier wheels on it, as well, that look good! Pricing can be a little tricky from a forum level. Where you live can make a difference in price. If the body is relatively rust free, especially on the floors of the cab, you have a real gem! Most of these trucks have rusted their way to the junkyard or have been beaten to death of the years. Used car prices are up, in general, due to the pandemic, but, more than that, the prices of Datsuns and early Nissans have been steadily rising over the past several years if they are in good shape. The cabs on the 720-series were a little small, so the fact that you have the King Cab is a big plus! Four-wheel drive is another plus. Normally, I would say check the prices on Ebay to see where they are selling, but there aren't any listed at this current time. There are a number of 1986 Toyota pickups listing and the prices are all over the place, one asking for $17,500, which is very optimistic, if you ask me. If you ask high, you can always negotiate or list lower later if it doesn't sell at that price. With the issues listed and assuming the floors and frame are in good shape, my gut tells me it's a $6500 truck at today's prices. Ultimately, it's, of course, what one's willing to pay and how quickly you want to sell. You might consider selling it on Ebay to find that owner that is willing to pay a higher price for it. Good luck!
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