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Melissa from Phantom racing has been talking to San Jose, and trying to get a track put in. But SJPD Said they didn’t want it for a number of reasons one being the amount of people to come to the already over-populated city. The police department does not want to put out anymore men to the streets as they don't have the money and don't want to put forth the extra time. They haven't got any place for a drag strip, as all the land is bought and has building plans in the making.

She was advised to go to Morgan Hill, as it is still a small city, and the extra flow of people could bring more business. I was also told that there is more than enough land out there to put a track, and that the extra flow could provide more funding for your Police Department. The track alone will bring in at least $17,400 a week. But She Has been told Morgan Hill doesn’t want one either because they say there isn’t enough interest and it would be a waste of money to put a track there and not have any business.

So she set up a petition, and have people sign it to show there interested. But for it to be legal it has to be hand written signatures and not the online/email ones. So this makes it a lot harder because we have to get people to sign the papers in person. So we decided that Next Saturday (12th) , we will be at Kohls from 1-4 with our petitions plus info on the “Drive for the Cause”. Come sign and say hi.

Hopefully you will plan a g2g with your club/forum and come by in the masses to get these papers signed so we can finally get a track close by. Thanks for taking your time reading this, and I hope you come by and help us out. All help is appreciated.

Please spread the word and get as many people as you know to stop by and sign! Also post this on as many boards/forums as you can!

Saturday March 12th. 1-4pm
KHOLS parking lot on the side of khols and In-n-out on blossom hill/santa teresa.. we will be on the khols side FACING santa teresa.

Blossom Hill & Santa Terressa
890 Blossom Hill Road
San Jose, CA 95123

Any More Questions Contact Me (dean) At 408-515-6783
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