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Hello, i am new to these fourms and i have just bought a 1992 nissan 240sx and i have some questions...

1. tell me this my car is a 5spd but has an overdrive light on the right beside the rear windshield wiper/washer button, why? what is susposed to be there?

2. i was told my car is a se due to it having SE on the hatch but i have come to relize it has no power windows or locks or mirrors, is there a way to make at least the mirrors power?, like a how to?

3. around 2000 rpm the engine shakes abnormaly and sounds like its backfiring i have repaced the fuel filter and put new spark plugs (NGK)..anything else i should look for/or do?

4. a/c does not work, when i press the a/c button, no light comes on, maybe no a/c in my car...what would i look for in the engine bay to show that i have a/c

thanks alot guys, like i said i am new to these fourms, i sold my 94 integra gsr to buy this 240sx, becuse i love the RWD, and am planning for a sr20det swap, all the info i can get will be helpfull

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i opened the light up and its not even hooked up its just there, and i found out that the rear axel has "91 240sx" written in yellow on it so now i guess the cars made up of several others or something, i paid 5000 canadian, the ka24de in it is in good cond. besides the vibrating it has 177 kilometers on it, but the body is in really good shape, i have removed the rear spolier, added new tires, new gas tank (old one leaked) and the previous owner spray painted (smoked) the taillgihts, so i cleaned that off so the cars in good shape but the wiring looks tampered with...a good sr swap will or at least i hope make the car worth it

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haha, well ive been waiting to get my hands on a 240sx for awhile i had fun with my gsr, vtec and all but i needed rwd and ive heard big numbers comming off with the sr swap, its about 4,113.19 american. the numbers match so the engine is the original i guess?, the diff is new....what kind of diff is in that car?. the car has rust everywhere incl. the interior. how much in canadian will a full sr swap incl. installation roughly set me back?. and what is the main diffrences in the rad and black top sr20det's?

you guys have been great, thanks

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i dunno man the gsr ripped right outta the box, very fast compared to this stock 240, but the sx has lots of tq at low end which i like. yah it says my car was made in japan, and a history report says its rebuilt and from out of province, so i guess it was peiced back together....when i press the a/c button the green light doest come on plus i dont hear a change in sound comming from the engine. i agree i dont need a/c but its nice to have.

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Vehicle Description
Year: 1992 Make: NISSAN Model: 240SX

Claim History - this vehicle has 2 claim(s)
Was the vehicle reported as Salvage, Rebuilt, Altered? REBUILT
Was the vehicle imported from outside BC? YES , CANADIAN, 03SEP2002
Are there any ICBC claims involving vehicle damage? YES

Claim Date Type of Claim Amount Paid Nature of Payment
20-Jul-2004 VANDALISM $3524.96 REPAIRS

this is what i found out, when it says model: 240sx, if it was a se would it say that or what

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Fixed Cruise Control
Fixed Cig Lighter Wiring
Replaced All Switches That Were Missing
Car Has Been Lowered 2.2 In, Eibach Sport Line
"Xenon" Bulbs Put In W/ Bosh Lens
New Wires, Rotor, and Cap Put In, No More Engine Shaking
Rear Wing Removed
Cheap "Rice" Exhaust Replaced W/ Magnaflow Dual Tip Exhaust
Reative Pedals

Im off to a rolling start
......Still need to know what is needed from manuel to auto mirror conversion, i got the power mirrors and the power mirror switch, what else is needed?

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Holly haha, i can't believe this is here! I found my old e-mail address, and i have subscriptions still going from here.

I miss my 240 but i sold it. And got a new toy. Thought i'd update you guys. Im way more knowledge able now, but the 240 is what got me to where im at!

All mods were done by me, and Forcefed Performance in Langley, BC

*Rebuilt 13B-REW
*Blitz SBC I-Color
*PLX R-500 Datalogit, and Wideband
*Hybrid GT35R
*T4 Manifold
*HKS Twin Power and Harness
*Megan Racing Midpipe
*Kaaz 2 Way L.S.D
*Exedy Twin Plate Clutch
*3in RX-7 Store Downpipe
*Apex'i N1 Exhaust
*Trust/Greddy 3Row Intercooler W/ Compression Elbow
*Racing Rad and Fans
*KG Parts Primary Fuel Rail
*KG Parts Secondary Fuel Rail
*850cc Injectors x2 (Primary)
*1600cc injectors x2 (Secondary)
*Aeromotive FPR
*Greddy Pulley Set
*Battery In Hatch
*Greddy Catch Can
*2x Walboro 255lph Fuel Pumps
*Microtech LT8s Standalone/Fuel Management

Suspension, Rims and Rubber:
*S-Tech. Springs
*Bilstien Shocks
*R1 Front RX-7 Strut Bar
*Stock Rear RX-7 Strut Bar
*KG Parts Differential Brace
*Solid Polyurethane Engine Mounts
*ATTAIN Urethane Differential Bushings
*5zigen FNORC-1 - Black w/ Polished Lip
*Kuhmo Ectsa MX
*FRONT: 17x9 - 255/40/17
*REAR: 17x10 - 275/40/17

*JDM Trust/Grex/Greddy Shift Knob
*RE-Amemiya Wet Carbon Scuff Plates
*Greddy Turbo Timer
*JDM Arm Rest
*JDM Gauge Cluster
*Defi BF Link Gauges (Amber): Boost, Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pres.
*Keys Racing Steering Wheel (Buckskin)
*Quick Release Hub
*Alpine CDA-9855 Headunit
*Stock Bose Speakers and Sub

*R1 Front Lip - Damaged and will be replaced
*JDM Bumper Lights
*Feed FRP Sideskirts
*Re Amemiya CF Taillight Cover
*10,000k McCulloch HID

*Tein Type Flex Coilovers W/ EDFC
*Meth Injection
*Install Re Amemiya CF Pro Diffuser
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