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Im going to give this car the benfit of the doubt the OD button is rather odd, but I always find stuff at junkyards. Mine has a black button so if I found one I would probably add it to my car.
As far as the SE sticker, run the VIN and that will tell you, my 1990 240sx has power everything with a sunroof and I bought it unmolested in semi mint condition and it had no SE sticker on the rear. But after I ran the VIN the carfax showed it was a SE....I doubt the couple I bought it from took the sticker off.
For the shaking I would also try spark plug wires, it might just need basic maintence. Even try running higher octane gas, it sounds like its detonating.
For the AC problem you should describe that problem better, when I got my 240 the AC/heat only came out of the defrost vents, and if i tried to change the setting it wouldnt change and no lights come on. Not even the AC button..I have been told that my problem is the mode door motor located behind the dash.
Good luck. You did great...another Honda coming to the Nissan craze!
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