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All right everyone:

I have a 97 Sentra GXE (Stock). My manager has dared me to a race in 6 months. More than enough time for both of us to work on our engines. He owns a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am (4 cyl. version) I do not have any idea what he plans to do to his car. I need help to win this race. He thinks that imports suck big time. I do not think so. So if any of you can properly school me in this whole mod scene, please do so. I would like to know what mods would i need perform in my car and how much would they cost. I need to win this race. Big time import honor is in stake here. I would rather leave Turbo and Nitrous as last resort. Alas i do know that it will be nescesary to use one or both of such ungodly HP sources. I defently want to keep my engine. So if anyone can school me, please do so, i need help and big time.

Thx to ya'll.:D

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well the new turbo kit is coming out... if you get the whole shabang you could kick his @$$ left and right in that pos car...

for about 3300 bucks it's all yours! plus you have to have someone mechanically inclined to install it for you since you say you don't know a lot about it...

if you get the standard bolt ons there's probably still a chance that he will beat you in the end depending on what he does. his car is heavier right off the bat so you have the advantage right away (being you can add power easier than he can take off weight... well depending on how far he wants to go...). the best way is the turbo kit. bolt ons don't add up to that much in the end and you want to blow him out of the water is sounds.
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