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Help please!!!!!!!!!

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i need to know how to remove my steering wheel and belts. Im tryin to replace the belt and i can figure out how to get the freakin belts off ,oh yeah and how does a vtc help and where is it located under the hood.
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first suggestion is for you to download the Factory service manual (FSM) for your car
Its free at
There is a tensioner bolt for the alternator.You can adjust the bolt to get the belt off.I don't remember the other one but it has to be that you can adjust somewhere to get the belt off.

As for the VTC I did the search for you,read this:

There is a bolt at the back of the steering wheel.Get the bolt out and you can take the horn cover out.Then take the big bolt out right in the middle.It's a 19mm I think.
Youll need a puller to remove the steering wheel.
Youll need a puller to remove the steering wheel.
Usuallly this is what you need. Does anyone else think his question makes sense? Take off a steering wheel to remove belts? Or is this two questions? The Main belt comes off easy. Remove bolt on idler pulley or loosen and belt will become loose. Power steering/waterpump has a tensioner bolt you have to loosen (get under car to do this, think it's a 12mm)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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