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Good day everyone, new guy here! Im currently attempting to wire a remote start + security system into my 2005 Nissan Sunny N16 (Also known as the Almera, Sunny Neo or Bluebird Sylphy(G10) depending on the region). But I'm running into a few roadblocks. Im trying to not have to probe every single wire around the key/ignition harness since there is no plug n play T-Harness available for this model of Nissan. If anyone can assist me however little it maybe, I would greatly appreciate it!!

The wires that I'm trying to find are as follows:

Starter 12V (+)
Ignition 12V (+)
Accessory 12V (+)

Any tips on how I can find these wires (color code, location etc) would also be appreciated!!

Also it goes without saying if anyone has a service manual for my model of nissan (Sunny N16) or wiring diagram containing the wires I'm looking for, I would greatly appreciate a looksee!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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