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Mass air flow sensor

I seem to be having the same problem. Once the rpm's reach twenty five hundred the fuel seems to cut out and drop like a rock. It never completely stalls out, it just will not allow you to go above that rpm. The code I'm getting off my ecu is Mass Airflow Sensor. So I'm looking for a new/used one at the junk yard. However mine doesn't do this all the time it seems to be very intermittent. Sometimes I can drive for a month with no problems and sometimes it's every trip. I did notice that once I started having this problem my fuel mpg went way down and now I'm only getting about 22 mpg.

The throttle position sensor is located right next to the mass airflow sensor. It is mounted on the passenger side of the throttle body and the butterfly shaft is the actuator for it. The sensor mounts are slotted and it is adjustable. You'll need a multimeter to set it. I'm sure the procedure is in the chilton/hayes manual or just do a search on this forum. Another source of info is the autozone repair guides.
There is someone here in my town that has a mass airflow sensor that I'm trying to acquire. When I do get one I will repost my results here.
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