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HELP ME Please

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I have A Datsunb210 and i will be working on takeing the trany out but this is my first time on this site im a girl live in montana and i just need a friend that can help me out it 1978 there is alot of rust and it was set on fire about 6 years ago and has been setting in my yerd it starts up good and only things i need to do is new braks and cailpers on the front right cluch and throwuoutbaring :newbie:
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I will help you...but from a distance!!! I'm from Portugal!

I've a lot of friends that own a, it's easy for me to answer your questions on the model!

The car it seems cool for a resto project!!!

The interiors are in good shape! But it need some metal work on the back...but nothing to worry...

Congratulations for such a beatiful Datsun!

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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