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Possibly buying a 2005 4x4. not sure the trim. has 3 row seating. 50,000 miles, 100,000 mile warranty, should be transferable, one owner old man + that :)

Can you all give me some pointers on comment problems.

IS there a good build date or bad build date

he said gas mileage is around 17-18 , said never really drives on highway. That is all i drive 70 mph every day.

Are they loud travailing at those speeds?

Breaks good/ bad

Shocks good/bad

air conditioning needs to be great I am in Arizona.

Safety? side airbags? The point of my buying this is because i am expecting my first Child.

Thank you for the help


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I've found our '08 to be a good family vehicle.

We get about 16-17 city/20-21 highway. It is quieter than my '97 Maxima on the freeway.

Our "S" model only has front air conditioning and it was fine in battling 115 degree heat out in your area this summer. All other models have rear air conditioning that include a complete second unit.

If it has the optional side air bags, there will be a tag on the top of the front seats.

Some of the issues I've heard of:

The tensioner on the timing chain can cause noise. There is a video on youtube of an Xterra demonstrating this noise.

There's been a few reports of rear air conditioning tubes getting holes rubbed in them from dirt and sand.

The front differential has been known to crack during hard off-roading with lots of wheel spin.

The rear suspension is a bit soft from the factory and if you plan to tow, just buy a set of $80 rear air bags that fit in the rear springs and you're ready to go.

We're pretty hard on ours. It goes off-road and tows a tent trailer around. Mine's been trouble free so far and I have no regrets.
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