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My buddy's 04 Pathfinder is leaking transmission fluid. The odd part, its leaking through one of the sensors mounted to the transmission.

Specifically, its coming through the sensor, running down the loom, and dumping onto the heat shield located under the passenger side of the car.

I pulled the shield off, and unplugged the 3 or 4 sensors located under there, low and behold, one of them was dripping tranny fluid like crazy.


Does anyone have a manual that can tell me which sensor was the one that was leaking?

It's the sensor with the plug located FURTHEST to the REAR of the car (small brown connector, 3 wires going in).

I'd like to get a new sensor before pulling it out of the loom so I can pull and replace in one shot.

C/N: What transmission sensor is is associated with the rearward-most plug located under the car (passenger seat area), under the heat shield.

Thanks in advance,

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