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Help: Finding exterior parts for Nissan Pulsar.

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Hey Guys,
I was hoping that someone could help me locate some body kits or add on accessories for our company's project car. The car is a old school Nissan Pulsar. Check it out at Darksydemotorsports under the project pulsar section. Our goal is to make this a beautiful as possible and I want to get a wide variety of exterior add ons for the car. So a little help is what I'm asking for.

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If you're talking about an '87-'90 pulsar, you might be looking at custom work. I've never seen a really nice body kit for this car. That doesn't mean it isn't to be done though...

You can find the odd hood-scoop or wing for it. Any fart can will fit too. I don't reccomend using these, since you want it to look 'beautiful', which is the opposite of 'poor-taste and ricey'.

I saw one on cardomain awhile back that a guy did - he paid some dollars for a pretty tasteful looking body job. It was custom done. I don't think there are any body kits left in production for this model.
You'll probably have a very hard time finding anything for that car. You might try JetSpeed.
They're in Australia though so don't look for Pulsar stuff. Look under the name EXA.

Also are you guys going to change the engine? That is an e16 isn't it? I see you guys are doing a Fiero too. That's cool. Pulsars, Fieros and MR2s are my favorite 80's cars.
You can replace the hatch with a sportbak and make it look very unique. You can also replace the factory bumper on it now with an SE bumper or the 1990 bumper style. The only body kit that was done tastefully was made by Xenon and later sold the mold to Erebuni.
Thanks for all the help everyone. Yeah, I'm doing a bunch of research on the car to see what I can do. Most likely we're going to have to build our own kit for the car. I'll keep everyone updated on the going ons.
I also saw a Pulsar with a body kit on and yea it was sweet. Im looking for a basic switch from othe Nissan cars or even if I can sub in other car parts. Trying to re-fab an 89 mustang SVT body kit to fit.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to check out cardomain.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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