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how to change the rear brake bulb? I bought the bulb. Went home opened the trunk and I do not see anywhere to pop a piece off. I have a 2007 Altima 3.5 SE.

All of my previous vehicles had a piece to pop off and replace the bulbs. I have a carpet piece over the entire trunk, and due to the cargo net hooks I dont see how you get it off.

I searched the forums, and I looked in the manual. Nothing shows how to do it. Does anyone know? or do I have to take it to Nissan and pay them labor to replace a stupid tail light bulb?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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Unscrew the cargo hooks and pull the carpet back. There will be 2-3 10mm nuts, one probably covered by a white harness clip, which you'll need to pull off the stud. Once you've removed the nuts, you'll need to pull/pry the assembly straight back. It will require a fair bit of force. Once the assembly is out, twist out the socket you need and swap out the bulbs. Good luck.
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