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My truck is a 86 1/2 V6, VG30, automatic, 340,000 miles (no, I am not gettng rid of it). :)

Ok, the last time I did a tune up (about 18 months ago) the truck ran like sh!t for 6 months afterwards, felt like an air or gas problem. I replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, relay, checked all hoses for a vacuum leak, replaced the cat converter, hmmm, what else? . . . Anyway, nothing helped.

The truck would just die, I could be tooling down the higway at 70 and it would start bucking, then die. I would have to turn it off and back on to get it started again and give it a lot of gas to keep it running (like a vacuum leak).

After about 6 month it fixed itself. I assumed that a piece of [email protected] got stuck int he carb since I had changed the fuel filter- figured I knocked a piece of old rubber loose.

OK, so I do a tune up on Saturday morning (3/12). Just plugs, wires, rotor, cap, and air filter. Truck is purring like a kitten. I run a few erands (about 8 miles worth), then park it. Don't use it again until Sunday afternoon. I drive to the gym (~8 miles). The truck stalled out once at a stop sign, which is odd because it never stalls, but started right up.

I park at the gym for 1 1/2 hours. Get into the truck to go home and it is running like total [email protected] Can't take my foot off the gas without stalling so I'm using neutral and two feet (gas and break) at all the lights.

I get to an auto repair place (to remain nameless) and ask one of the guys inside if he can help a lady find a vacuum leak (which is what I am thinking it is). The helpful sales personnel say "no."
[email protected]$$! Help me find the leak and I buy the hose from y'all.


I limp home, by the time I get a block from the house I can hardly keep the car going pounding on the gas pedal.

WHAT is wrong with my truck and why does a tune-up trigger it?

My husabnd thinks it might be some sort of ignition problem that happens whent he trucks electrical system runs hotter (like it does after a tune up) and it took 6 months for the system to start running cooler.

What say you? :wtf:
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