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Help 95 PF: Driver's door stuck shut

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A friend of mine has asked my help and I not sure how to get it open. He has a 1995 PF with keyless entry. The lock is in the up position but neither door handle will open the door. Anyone have any idea on how to get the door open so we can at least look inside the panel to see if we can fix the problem.
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i had a similar problem with my rear left side door, i pulled the handel to open it and it didnt pull the latch to open it it was all slop, anyway i got so pissed when i couldnt open it i decided to flip the door locks on and off for about 10 min...IT WORKED, so if you have slop in the door handel flip the switch to lock and unlock about 10 times and see is it works
i had a similar issue on my old mazda. the locks were solenoid style and the solenoid went. the door was stuck the the locked position which disables the handles. had to take it the the dealership and they dismantled the car from the inside and replaced the lock solenoid. PITA
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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