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Ok so my wifes 1.8 sentra has been running rough when its cold for the last few weeks.
I changed the oil/filter.
Then the service engine soon light came on.And whent back out the day before I took it to a friends house who has a scanner and all that came up was a misfire in cylinder #3.
SO we checked every wire that ran into every coil...good.
Didnt check a plug as it was 11pm and working 68-76 hours a week/w a 8 month baby bot at home will make u too tired to do everything that you know u prolly should.
SO yesterday it wouldnt start.
Before i got home from work She had it towed to the local Nissan dealer.
Well I had already called and they said it sounded like a bad coil or a bad headgasket....with only 56k on it????
Then today the dealership calls to say...of course its the headgasket.
Now it just seems to me like they were setting us up for a BIG BILL.
YEAH like 1100$ for a [email protected]#@#!!!!!

SO a local import mechanic said he'd do it for 876$ including headgasket,head studs,oil/filter/antifreeze and labor.

QUESTION# 1 Is this a fair price?
QUESTION# 2 Could it be something as simple as a dirty fuel filter?
QUESTION#3 DO the 1.8's really have THAT bad of a headgasket on em?

I am on a super tight budget here w/ 8 mo old baby and a house we just bought 3 months ago. I work way too many hours just to keep up with the bills, I really cant afford this.

QUESTION#4 Should i go up to dealership and install a new fuel filter?

Thanks for any and all help.
You guys were a great help when my friends altima wouldnt start.
One of you hit it spot on-hoping for some of that same good advice here.
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