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Hi, Rob here.. Been reading NF for a long time but forgot to register because I never had anything to post! haha :)

I have a beater '96 200SX that i bought cheap after it was in a small front-end collision..yay! My hammers, crowbar and wood blocks got the fender straightened out and the radiator support closer to home. It has lasted me ~ 30k so far with only tires, oil, filters & zip-ties. I recently replaced the clutch; it sounded like a rusty chainsaw when I bought it; and after 3 years I finally reconnected bumper cover to the fender (still no turn signal reflector, it was never there, but the bulb works in both modes).

Now, at 156k, it needs help. I'm contemplating the economic impact of replacing a lot of parts that are due (front seal, timing chains, tensioner, alternator, compressor.. gasket here, gasket there) or just walking to work and then buying a bike. Blasted tranny needs some help too.. I don't know jack about the innards other than what a diagram shows--but I suspect it needs a new 1/2 synchro and then maybe a 2nd gear. Maybe the clutch wasn't done right (not me). Maybe just a new (used) one.

I work in education, so I am more broke than the bum on your corner. I'll be lurking in the GA16DE forum waiting for Publisher's Clearing House to ring my doorbell.

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