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Hi. My name is Robert, and I'm a n00b here ("hi, n00b!"). I've been a member on a certain Sentra board that shall go unnamed for a bit over a year now, and I'm sick of the place and looking for a better class of enthusiast board.

In RL I'm a 23 year old Unix geek working at IBM in Austin, TX, adminning a buttload of AIX machines. I own a 2001 Sentra SE, blue, w/ Performance Package that I've kept mostly stock. I autocross it with Spokes and SASCA in central Texas.

That's it, I guess. Just wanted to say hi.

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"hi n00b" :D


Welcome to the forums! We're glad you're here, and hope you decide to stay and become a productive member of our "little" community here. Please remember (quoting Mike Young) "There are almost 28,000 posts here in the Sentra area... if you can't find it won't find it anywhere...and this forum is only 6 months old!" :D

Sorry about the shameless plug, but I just had to. lol


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Adam said:
I know you. There are many smart loving people here who know nearly everything from a to z, as you will come to find out.
Hee, yep, tis I. Phear.

chimmy: good to see you too. Glad to see some folks from the other place do know me. ;)
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