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I helped my son purchase a 1993 240SX (S13 Coupe) a couple of months back. And like any teenage kid who doesn't appreciate anything I am now stuck with the car (not a bad thing, yet). So I've been searching different forums looking for help on some questions.
The car has 100K miles with some mods from the previous owner which had started to set it up as a drift car. It has a the stock KA24DE, Cusco 1.5 LSD, Tein 15way coil overs and an APEXI cat back. The car is fairly quick for what it is, to my amazement I tried racing him in my V6 Sonata and he walked me lol. I know when I was growing up mid 80's the AE86's with there twin cam motors where pretty quick.

I live in IL so the weather is crap now but I've been thinking about upgrading a couple more parts like a short shifter some new rims and tires and perhaps a cold air once spring gets here. The more II search and see different 240's and there mods the more I want to do the same. I have a couple of modified domestic vehicles (not sure if I should mention makes). So this would be like a project car. It has some rust issues but nothing major so it would need that addresses and if $$ allows a Maaco paint job :)

Well I should stop now don't want to be over whelming nOOb first post.

1. I saw a pic of a 240sx KA24DE and the engine compartment looked like it had the manual fan removed and other accessories removed ie A/C compressor and was running a shorter belt.
2. anyone seen or done this?
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