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My name is Steve and I recently purchased a 99 Infiniti G20 for a very nice price. I am having to do some minor repairs, but I'm fortunate to have a mechanic friend who used to work at a Nissan dealership to help me along.

I love this car. It's fun to drive, even though it's an Automatic, and it's a bright and shiny red. Hopefully the police won't love it too!

I love the Bose sound system and the leather interior is like sitting in a comfy recliner.

Based on my research, it looks like I'll be doing primarily cosmetic and engine dress-up details on it. The dynos I've seen on Short RAM and/or Cold Air intake mods for the SR20DE don't seem to add much to the mix, and I've read elsewhere that the factory exhaust is pretty optimal on this car, so there doesn't appear to be much I can do cheaply to get any more horses.

I welcome any suggestions you might have. This is my first Nissan product, but I'm already thinking about looking for another later (not an Automatic)!
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