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Hi i am new here I'm actually a chevy guy who drives a '98 Nissan Frontier. I swore I would never own a "foreign" vehicle, but about 2 years ago i scored a '98 Nissan Frontier with 36,000 miles for $4800 from a elderly couple moving from Arizona to Montana to be near relatives. I sold my 69 Chevy truck about 4 months after buying the Nissan going from 9 pmg to what i thought was near 20, and i had cold AC for the first time since moving to AZ!!!! The truck is a simple plain '98 Frontier XE with a 4cyl, with AC. no other notable options. I am dying to add some special touches to this truck, make it a little faster, better looking, and with a decent stereo. Its 100% stock. It now has 138,000 miles, and ive done nothing. I will be asking lots of questions please bear with me,this is my first vehicle that is not a chevy. I do all my own work. Ive worked alot with 59-72 Chevrolet car and trucks, and alot of performance upgrading. But this is a whole new world. i do not even know if theres any help for a 4cyl Nissan-LOL

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awesome, nissans are pretty much like american cars because nissans are mfg. in the USA. so that shouldn't be to hard to for ya :thumbup:.

unfortunatly, the 98 frontier wasn't blessed with an overly powerful engine, to my knowledge its a 2.4 liter inline 4 w/single overhead cam. producing something like 140 hp and 150ft/lbs torque. i dont know what kind of aftermarket following there is for that engine, but there is definitly some. i'm pretty sure you can supercharge it(like what's on some x-terra's, 2.4 w/supercharger) and you can likely turbo it.

now being a chevy guy, you probably think forced induction is "cheating"...well its not! :cheers:

more difficult options: engine swaps!

depending on how mechanically apt and willing you are, you could definitly put a beefier engine in there. the 2.4L w/DOHC should be pretty simple, its the same block but with an extra cam. the 2.4 w/DOHC is used in the 240SX and has a pretty good aftermarket following. you can do quite a bit with that engine.

with a little more work you could put the infamous SR20 in, this is a 2.0L DOHC engine, but takes modification like a greedy child. you can get that engine up to 300hp easily.
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