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Hi!! I'm new to the forums and just introducing myself. I'm under 30 (for a little while longer) and I just got an 02' Spec v, with a beautiful red orangepeel paint job :) (Total sarcasm) Anyhow, I love the car especially compared to my former cars in the last 5 years. All older than 83 and all domestic. This is the first import I've decided to own. I live in the Tampa Bay area in FL. I bought the car myself on New Years eve! :cool: So anyway I hope to become a happy forum surfer and not a problematic 02' poster, I've seen too many problems with the 02's and I think I will have to call Nissan corp to check the recalls and service done to mine. I hope to get to know my way around and find out more about possible Ecu's being produced for this car aftermarket. I do have excellent mechanical skills.(just foreign to the foreign cars) But they all run on gas so it can't be much different, just more computer systems now, than what I'm ever so familiar with. Anyway see ya's around. :cheers:
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