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I was wondering if anyone would have any idea how heat is causing my car to stutter. My car will stutter when it's working hard on low gears. First is the worse, I have to crawl from a stop until the car has shifted to second or else risk stalling the car. The part that boggles me is that the problem becomes far more pronounced when it is hot outside. The engine temperature guage always reads well in the safe zone (the needle never gets beyond half way.) It just seems to be hot weather makes my car stall.

Anyone got any ideas?

It's a '91 Sentra XE w/ Hotshot Intake and timing advanced.


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I had this problem on another car and it wasnt exactly the torque converter as i thought, it was the speed sensor. I had to buy another one. I replaced and it was as good as well not new but as it was before the problem. Hope this helps. Take it to autozone or something, they can check it. Thats how i found out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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