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Changed my resistor today to correct the heater control issue. Symptoms are heat will only work on high or #4 setting on controls. Pull glove box by removing screw in upper left corner, screw in right corner, and two middle screws that hold latch. Then remove bottom corner screws. Remove resistor plug and two screws holding resistor. This is what I found:

The issue here is the metal pins get corroded causing bad connection, which results in not all speeds working on the heater controls. Keep in mind that the new part has been redesigned to help prevent this issue from reoccurring, so it does look a bit different. Don't worry, it will work.

If yours look anything like this, it's most likely your problem. Go to CourtesyParts :: Blower Resistor and order one. This is a dealer site that I'd recommend. Total cost is $18.42 + 8.00 shipping and about 5-10 minutes to install. Very easy.
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