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Headlight switch

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Hello, is it possible to move the headlight power to a switched source, ignition? It would be nice if they went out when the car is shut off. Thank-you, Nick
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That's configurable on all gen5 Altimas. Go into your Settings menu in the instrument cluster and find "Light Off Delay", set it to zero.
You can't do it through the switch, there's no direct connection. The switch is a matrix type which is read by the BCM, the BCM then tells the IPDM by CANbus what to do with the lights. The only way to do what you're proposing would be to modify the IPDM circuit board.
Happy to help, sorry it wasn't better news. (y)
That's not a gen5 IPDM and not a headlight circuit. There are 4 fuses and wires for the headlights, two low and two high. So you'd basically need to tap one each feeding 4 separate fused relays. One look at the wiring diagram would tell you it's impractical on the OP's vehicle, as well as most other Nissans from 2000 up.
His year range Ultima as TWO 15-amp fuses for the lo-beams, 36 and 37:
That's what I said, pal, two for low and two for high. Unless he wants his high beams staying on when the switch is in that position, he needs four relays, not two. Maybe you like turning your vehicles into Wirezilla, but most people don't.

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