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I have a '98 200sx with an Alpine head unit. I have had the deck installed for about 2 years now, with no problems. Recently it has been randomly shutting off and restarting. I would always listen to it with the volume at around 20. Now it wont stay on at that volume. So ill turn it down to about 15, it plays for a while, then restarts and it goes on like this until I just cant listen to it at all. Also, if I turn on the AC, the stereo will shut off and restart. Same thing with the turn signal. This has been going on for a couple weeks. Now it rarely turns on at all...
I have checked the fuse in the car, and it is fine, also I have checked all the speaker connections and retaped the wires. I have no idea what the problem is. Do you think that the Alpine deck has gone bad and I should just replace it? I appreciate any help. Thanks!
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