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head gasket

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i'm pretty sure one of my head gaskets are blown. how much is the labor for a replacement on average?
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i've been keeping an eye on the white smoke and my coolant level. the smoke is only there for short amounts of time and not very often, but my coolant stays the same. my problem is when i'm driving the car has short second bursts of no power. it will also die without warning, not even while accelerating, but it still can do it while i'm accelerating. it normall shuts off, then backfires, then i can turn it back on for about 10-20 seconds. i've had to pushstart it on 53 (busse if you're farmilier with the elk grove area). i've replaced the fuel filter thinking there might be too much crap in it and it's not letting fuel through. i've also done the seafoam as stated earlier. my last oil and spark plug change was a little over 700 miles ago, it was doing this before the the oil & spark plug change. i've looked on other forums and some people have had this problem and they said it was either the fuel injectors or the coil packs. what are your ideas on this?
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i was looking under my dash to see if i could get to the ecu easily without taking the dash apart. and i saw a switch, for the clutch, that the wires to it had been cut and then connected so it is always on. i was wondering what this switch is for?
i looked under the hood and my o2 sensor was unplugged for some reason. so now instead of a stutter it just boggs out and i have to push the clutch and it's better. but i've had it bogg out and then i push the clutch and when i let it out again after a second it boggs out again, and this repeats until it's done with whatever it's done with doing. could it be my o2 sensor? and last night my exhaust broke after the cat, i was wondering if anyone had an exhaust system from the manifolds back i could buy?
because somewhere along my car's life it got 1 3/4" tubing and it makes everything more difficult to fit. what are your thoughts on the o2 sensor?
okay, that's nice and all the head gasket isn't blown, let's stop acting like every person on the internet (headstrong) and get back to the question: can it be my o2 sensor causing the jerking and stalling?
could it be my maf? i replaced it before i did the oil change but it was a used one from ebay. i was thinking about getting a fuel pump, the car is 16yrs old it probably needs it.
the smoke is all the time now. my coolant level isn't going down any. i read somewhere that it could be a bad pcv valve? or could my rings have only been a little bad before and now they're blown?
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