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head gasket

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i'm pretty sure one of my head gaskets are blown. how much is the labor for a replacement on average?
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more than the value of the car in most people's eyes.
Book time starts at 10 hours and goes up from there.
if you want to bring it up my way, I can do a quick check out of it.
Sadly, I have too much time right now (shop got closed down).
I seriously doubt it's the head gasket.
the white smoke may be condensation from the exhaust (more typically seen in the cold though) and the stumble/stutter is probably a different issue.(coils/injectors).
I have the 92 FSM sitting on my shelf.
the switch by the clutch is probably a clutch interlock switch.
A head gasket will not stop a motor from starting.
if your exhaust broke after the cat, why do you want the whole exhaust?
yeah, for a while...
then when you run out of oil and coolant...
your rings melt along with your bearings...
then you need another crank, head, and timing chain... possibly pistons.
then it doesn't start.

course, if it is bad enough, on certain cars, the engine needs a certain amount of compression to start... as do all cars.

i did say it wouldn't start, but i was thinking more of the compression part of it. after a minute it won't enough.
if your head gaskets are so badly blown that your car won't start then they have exhibited systems for a very long time. I have as of yet to see a car be that far gone that wasn't owned by someone on the southside.
because somewhere along my car's life it got 1 3/4" tubing and it makes everything more difficult to fit. what are your thoughts on the o2 sensor?
my thoughts are to run the self test via the ecu knob and see how it does.

the exhaust from the cat back is originally one piece. the front pipe should still be the "correct" OE size, and the converter is on a flange still (hopefully) if that is all correct then just get a tail section and bolt it on and go.
tail section is $125
okay, that's nice and all the head gasket isn't blown, let's stop acting like every person on the internet (headstrong) and get back to the question: can it be my o2 sensor causing the jerking and stalling?
yes it can. check the wiring to it.
the smoke is all the time now. my coolant level isn't going down any. i read somewhere that it could be a bad pcv valve? or could my rings have only been a little bad before and now they're blown?
replace the PCV, unless you want to do a compression test first to check your rings
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