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Hey all,

Ive been browsing this site for a few months, and just finally am signing up to introduce myself.

I picked up a 85 200sx, and am just tinkering with the stock ca20e until I have everything together for my swap.

This is the first nissan I have owned, but am no slouch to engine swaps/mods.

Last build up was a 2.6 stroker in my srt-4, gt35R turbo, cams, pistons, rods, etc...

79 camaro RS with EFI 327 swap.
70 nova with EFI 454 swap.
83 chevette with 383 stoker swap.

Between those were a few minorly modded cars, but those are the ones worth mentioning.

I do have a TON of questions though, as none of those cars required much in the area of electronics, and even my srt-4 was pretty simple...AEM, tune, that was honestly about it for electronics outside of a boost controller and TT.

At anyrate, if there is anyone in the local area, just north of elk river MN, I just moved up here from Virginia beach about a year and a half ago, and havent met too many people. Shoot me a line, stop over for a beer.


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