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I just bought my 86.5 HB and I want to swap the motor out for a more sporty motor. Ive got the 4cyl z24i in it right now. My question is:

Is there any motor that bolts right up with little modification?
What motors are compatible with the stock tranny?

I am the 4th owner of the truck, the 2nd owner body dropped the truck about an inch. Then he swapped out the rear end with an RX7, and continued to put an air suspension onto the truck. The air bags work fine, but anybody that knows anything about air systems can tell that it was half-arsed and there were ALOT of corners cut. The third owner really didnt know shyt, so I got it from him for $600 its a 4spd M/T Reg Cab....I know some of you will want pics and Ill get some posted within the next 2-3 hours...oh yeah F.Y.I.---> :newbie:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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