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Hi, not sure if anyone else is having this problem but my brother's '03 Maxima SE has a rattling in the around the gas tank area, and the worst is when refuelling at the pumps, takes forever, he has to trickle the gas in. just to fill the tank takes about 20-30mins, this is absolutely ridiculous. now the dealer told him it maybe be the fuel check valve or the carbon canister or both. and the cost for parts and to fix is around $1000 because they have to remove a bunch of stuff just to get access to the gas tank and i believe they told him that has to removed as well. is this right?

I have a friend with a sentra around the same year that also has this trickle refuelling problem, very annoying and he was also told that to fix it would cost him around $1200 for parts and labor. i'm surprised that this seems like a common issue with nissan or is this just a coincidence? any help would be appreciated.

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