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Toyota got a ton of backlash for asking customers to pay a subscription fee if they wish to continue using their factory remote start. The plan was to get two free years of using your key fob remote start on your new toyota vehicle. After two years, you either agree to pay a yearly subscription for it to continue to work....or just live without remote start.
Apparently customers/potential customers were so mad that Toyota ditched that idea.
This subscription based service is news to me, but apparently other vehicle manufacturers do similar things .
Imagine buying a new Nissan or whatever and enjoying your navigation screen system. Then just at two years about to roll up, you get a warning message on the screen that you need to pay a yearly subscription if you wish to continue using the navigation. Similar to having a satellite radio in your vehicle. Free for the first year, then after you either pay or live without it.
This subscription fee could be applied to a lot of electronics in your vehicle. Lol, imagine having to pay to keep your heated seats working. Or your headlights to continue working. Pay up or drive in the dark!
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