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I have been viewing this site for a coouple of weeks. Let me start by saying I dont necessarily have a favorite car company Honda,Nissan,Mazda,Toyota ect...they are all good and better than each other in different ways. This a good site w/ alot good posts, and technical info. What I dont understand is why everyone hates on Hondas so bad? You refer to Honda as ricers......I thought any car/bike made in Japan is considered a ricer/riceburner. If you are referring to those losers with 5" R&S exhause tips, stickers, powered by honda....ect look and want to race everything they well........there are assholes like that who drive every car. I hate them 2. There are serious enthusiasts w/ every car company and then you have posers. Honda is a big import powerhouse and there are a lot of no joke hondas out there. Remember one thing when comparing SR20DETT to Honda Engines...SR20DETT is a jap spec engine and is not offered on any production Nissan in the US. To be fair compare it tothe JAP spec GSR/TYPE R. I guess my point is why cant eveyone just enjoy import racing for what it is....sure everyone has there favorite car company and yes they will be Bias toward them. All that matters is that you have fun w/ your car.I love the Giants but I still watched the Super Bowl. DRIVE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT
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No, the civic is more compact, like the 200sx, and the Integra is more sleek design, like the 240sx. Mia, the main character's love interest, drove an integra, and so did JaRule.

Damn, someone knows details ... ha ha ha J/K.
I think we were both being a little sarcastic :p
Hey, I like Honda's...and I like the fast and the furious. :eek:

It's an entertaining movie!! You just have to put that biotch on mute and skip to the cars. :D

Before I got my altima...I almost got a 96 hatch. Sometimes I wish I did. Then I could be a riceboy too. Oh wait...I already am!! :cool:

Just a reminder...not everyone aspires to be fast. Some just wanna look good. *not the "i have a stock car with tons of stickers and a wing" guys*
I am sorry but you can look good without ricing your shit out!!!!
I think hondas are so widely use as euro cars becouse they are so cheep to hop up (even thought there still slow after u do so)And becouse most people are just looking to be cool in there cars and parts for there cars are SO easy tyo finde.I mean hell go into a discount auto parts store and u could walk out with coil overs,strut tower bars,short shifters and many other things.But try to do that for a nissan and the most you will find is a billet ratitior cap hahah.The ricers want a quick and cheep way to TRY to look good.
i guess being that you can go anywhere and buy honda parts it kinda makes it hard not to rice it out.......
Ok here why

Ok dude hes why we hate on Hondas. Ok let me be the first to admit Hondas are good quality cars....they are really good cars in fact........but the problem is that kids today have this Honda this Honda that attitude. PEOPLE THEY ARE NOT........AND I REPEAT NOT THE ONLY CARS ON THE ROAD! OK? CLEAR ENOUGH?.......THERE ARE TOYOTAS, MAZDAS, INFINITIS, LEXUS, and yes NISSANS!!!!!!! Kids now a days think about pimping out a car and whats the first thing in there minds?......yeah Im gonna get a Honda Civic!......or an Acura Integra!......really original, a dime a dozen. Its to the point where those fools that pull up beside you and start reving their engines are not even getting attention anymore because YOU GUYS ARE BORING!!!!! YOU HEAR ME?.....BORING!!!! seen one civic you seen them all. Their like little boys crying out for attention thats all. Again be original....dont get a civic or integra and think that you have a Mclaren F1, Ferrari F-50, Saleen S7R, or Viper GTS-R because its never going to be anything be that..............a civic...ok......clear? good. Reality sucks when it finally sets in. Nissan boyz its time to clean this Honda mess up.......its time for a new order....In Japan Nissan dominates......Its time For Nissan here as well.........
(honda you have my respect you guys are tight....but its our kids here that give you a bad rap)
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True that:D Are you trying to steal my name??:p Come on dude i had it first!!
Ok dude

Ok dude sorry bout the name thing.....hows about this....we both race in GT class.....and both run Sentra GTRs....just two different number cars......both we both kick Honda butts!! ^_^
I agree w/ you to an extent. But you have to remember the majority of people who buy hondacivics and want to immediately put altezzas and a fart pipe ($3 EXHAUST) ARE 16-17 year old kids. All they know is what they see on F&F or what is driving around. The majority of them know basically nothing about cars. Im sure when everyone was 16-17 they wanted to to do their car what everyone else was doing at the time. The only reason why its Honda this and Honda that is because there is so many of them out there and so many parts that are cheap. 90% of impports are a dime a dozen today unless you drop a ridiculous amount of money on custom parts there is gonna be a million people that have what you do. All you can do is buy what you like and hook up your car the way you want it. Hey if I could have found a 240 sx w/ low miles in good condition I would have bought it instead of my type S hooked it up and saved about 10K and had a sick whip.
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I agree with you

I agree with you dude.......Your right its all about supply and demand. Want a little Oil cap for your Honda? got it! want a header.....there are 25 companies making it take your pick!.....want an exhaust?.......take your pick from the 45 companies that make it......your right about kids only want what they see or are exposed to. Thats why its up to us to spread the Nissan word around. Know what you must have been reading my mind because thats exactly what I want as well a used 240 SX with low miles so I can fix it up! No disrespect again to honda-acura......they are great cars.....but someones gotta break the mold right? Now that Nissan is back with a is finally getting back to its roots...........just like back in the SE-R, 300ZX Twin Turbo, 240 SX days........Straight up in yo face performance!
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Haha you guys are funny. Anyway! :D I am 17 and my best friend is 18, just turned two days ago. I agree that its mostly teens who rice out cars, but both my friend and I are with the performance crowd all the way. I have the se-r and he has an Integra. It is completely stock exterior, and under the hood it has every single bolt on. We just finished putting his AEM fuel rail and Skunk2 intake manifold on, and I drove it, boy is that thing quick. It lacks the sotp feeling because of the smaller displacement and less torque, but still it is something that could beat most of these 4-banger cars anyday. Its getting to the point where all of these GIRLS are ricing out their cars too and I think thats just hilarious. Not to be sexist but I think its funny to see some girl in a 94 civic come up to me and rev her stock engine/exhaust at me and shitty bodykit/APC decals at me. Just do what me and my Integra friend do when we see rice cars....POINT AND LAUGH!!! heh.

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Ok,OK you have a b-13 and I have a b-14, so you can keep the name. I am only 17 but I cant stand ricers.. Why make your car look fast and not be fast??? I am going to finish my engine before I start major body work.. As a matter of fact I saw a civic the other day. I was driven down the road,and I pulled beside it.. That fucker was laughing at my car.. So I gave him the bird and at the next stop light I dusted his ASS...

I should have ran his ass off the road,then beat his Honda lovin ass!!:D
Yea I hate it when people spend 10g's just to make there car look good.Here where i live i have 16-17 year old kids in there civics.They just want to look good.There not like us.Its like they dont have there heart in it.I think its funny ass hell when a kid pulls up beside me with a riced out civic with nothing under the hood.I rairly street race but its so funny seeing those kind of cars in your rear view.hahaha.The real bad thing is is nomatter how many times they get beat they always say they won ahhaaha.I mean think about it.Have you ever heard a civic owner admit to losing??? unless its on tape they hardly ever will.
kids will be kids

no disrespect for honda and acura as a manufacturer but this is for the kids out there. I UNDERSTAND YOU LIKE CIVICS AND INTEGRAS.....FINE BUT GUESS WHAT......THE IDEA OF PUTTING TOGETHER A CIVIC OR INTEGRA IS OUTDATED OUTDATED OUTDATED......JUST BORING OK? There are so many of them that nobody cares anymore. Hell i wouldnt even mind seeing some nice Preludes once in a while at least its something different. By the way for all you hardcore race fans that ARE educated and no not everyone is into drag racing (going fast in a srtaight line) it appears that NISSAN has always either A contributed an engine or B contributed a car to a major endurance race such as the 24 hours of Lemans......the last time I saw Honda at Lemans was when they had placed the NSX-R. Nissan continues to enter engines for the Lola Chassis and the Courage Chassis in the Prototype class. I dont see no Honda there......
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I am glad that there are not many Civics ans Integras around here. One civic and one Integra.. They always get beat..

But there are 4 eclipses around,accually 2talons and 2eclipses... All of them are white...
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