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Has anyone relocated their maf by the throttlebody?

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I just wanna know if i'm gonna have any issues.
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not sure if it would work the same that way, since it would be reading through the intercooler piping.

any particular reason why?
just seems like a better idea to get it away from the heat. and you can still get the car home if you blow the hotpipe.
what do you mean by "blow the hot pipe"?
read this thread.
and search before you post next time.
Blow through MAF - HybridZ
hey thanx. i guess i wasn't wording it the right way that's why i couldn't find the thread.
i blew the hot pipe (the pipe that goes to the turbo) at a drift event and the car barely wanted to run. i heard that if it was on the cold side you can atleast limp the car home.
I just wanna know if i'm gonna have any issues.
Definitely will NOT work!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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