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I have been searching locally for a new rear body for my D21 Twin cab 1994 model pickup but can't seem to find one, is there other models that I can fit onto my D21??
Rear body? The bed or the cab?

In 1994, Nissan did not make anything called a twin cab. There was the regular cab and the King Cab model. There is also a Nissan manufacturing plant in Mexico that made a 4-door Crew Cab.

So, are you looking for a King Cab or the Mexican Crew Cab?

A bed for the King Cab can be found in the US, particularly by watching groups on Facebook where owners are parting out their trucks like the one below.

The King Cab bed is only about an inch longer than the regular cab bed, but the placement of the wheel well openings are in a different location. So make sure you get the right one for your truck.

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