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my handelin friggin sux........... i plan on droppin the car i found in superstreet coilovers for $179 i think they were direct auto's or sh motorsports for 199 i haven't called many other places though. i wanna buy a strut tower bar too......any other ideas?????i'm open....i wanna b able to keep up w/ my 2 friends. one has an mr 2 spyder and the other an mx6 they kill me on turns

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I really would not buy those coilovers. The springs that come with those cheap coil overs are usually not properly rated for the car. It's not out of the ordinary to find the manufacturer using the same spring as a "universal" for many different cars. If you want improved handling this is not where to go.

If you have about $500 bucks to spare you can get the B12 Nismo suspension kit from Mossy Nissan. It was originally priced at $1,500 but they are clearing them out. It's a steal to say the least.

Also before installing my ground control coilover kit on my b13 suspension install in NPM, I took the time to measure and compare the b12 and b13 strut diameter. It seems that they share the same diameter body which means that most likely you can use b13 Ground controls on a B12 strut. Now the b12 strut i Measured was tokico not stock but there is no way someone should use a coilover kit with a stock strut anyway.

good luck
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