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handling mods?

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I drive an '04 Spec V. I want to know what the best bolt-ons are to improve handling for street/autox use. I already have the Nismo Suspension and sway bars, but I'm not sure what to buy next. I've been looking at the Nismo hard rubber bushings, and the Tanabe sustec underbrace, does anyone have either of these installed? how much of an improvement have you noticed?

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thanks for the info....once things pick up a bit a work im going to go ahead and buy the tanabe brace. as for being put in a new class in the autocross, that doesn't make a differance to me, i just like to race against my own times anyway. Im never the fastest guy out there, i always end up toward the bottom of the list but there are other much nicer much more powerful cars further down the list than me. my last time out i beat an '08 chevy corvette Z06 by 1.7 seconds. just shows power is nothing with out control, thats why i want to spend a little money into better handling rather than a lot of money into horsepower
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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