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My right headlight and hi-beam have quit working. I pulled the column switch to check the contacts, and sure enough the "legs" were not making good connections with the contacts. However, even when I manually connected them with a little screwdriver, the light would still not come on. This has lead me to believe either there's a problem deeper in the switch, necessitating a replacement, or something with the wiring elsewhere. Does anyone have a recommendation that does not involve buying more new parts unless as a sure fire solution?

Is this switch unit shared with any other Nissans? None of the local salvage yards have a Pathfinder with the switch I need available (no cruise control) and I don't want to pay $80 for a new one, considering I'm just trying to make mine road worthy enough to sell it. If I could pull one from a 240 or a Maxima or something else for $20 though...

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