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Hey guys, if you or anyone you know with a Sentra want brand new H&R 5mm spacers I have a pair I need to get rid of. I got jipped by when I bought these for my celica and they sent me some 4x100 spacers made for sentras. I sent it to them to exchange and those guys never claimed it so btw don't do business with these guys. These come with all the new longer wheel studs also. I'm looking to meet up with whoever is interested since I am local and that will save on shipping. The part # for these is 1024591 incase you wanna confirm somewhere online. Price is $40 which I believe is an already fair price, and you get to see them in person to make sure for yourself that they're new before purchasing. I'll have to buy a whole new pair for my car on ebay for 75.00 which is the cheapest you can find on ebay but oh well I ain't gettin ripped again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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