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Guage Problems

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Ok So i have read around on the forum and saw that alot of people have problems with both the temp gauge and the Gas Guage at the same time or w/e however my temp gauge hasnt worked for a while... and as of recently my gas guage has become WILDLY innacurate... so innacurate that when i put half a tank of gas in it stays at 1/4 line but then when i start driving on the half when i should be at 1/4 it jumps up to 1/2 mark.... and then after that it goes to the empty mark when im empty...

i was at empty today and i put 10$ in the tank and it put my gauge at 1/2 a tank... right now i can tell where i should be by watching the miles ive travled... but now im starting to get confused and shit...

i think im gonna put some gas in a container incase i really run out of gas or w/e i dunno...
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lol! I guess he wants some help with his gauge inaccuracy problem!
wow i must have been pretty out of it today sorry i posted this today before going to a friend of mine who passed away's wake...

yeah my question is does anyone know what cause's this?... and if there is a fix for it...?

sorry for my earlier post
Sorry about your friend.
What Pathfinder model are we talking about here?
1995 XE-V6 manual... either my inernet is fucked up or something i swear i put that in the last post im sorry ugh...!!!
Pull up the carpet in the cargo area, open the tank access hatch in the floor and check the wiring on top of the tank. It's been known to corrode or become loose there. I've also seen fuel level sending unit wiring that wore through against the frame underneath.
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