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Hey guys, i found this question on another forum, and id really like to know the answer to it. Hoping you guys can help.


I have a pretty well modded (UK) S14, (running a T34 .63 a/r turbo currently),
I am considering fitting a GTiR plenum and throttle bodies, which I recently obtained from a salvage car. This will (I hope) be set up using my LINK plus standalone (using MAP sensor).

(I plan to have the plenum/throttle pipes cut, spun round, and re-welded so that the inlet faces in right direction for the S14 piping)


Has anyone got any knowledge or experience of such a thing being done?

Does anyone know if the the inlet flange on the GTiR plenum will match up with the head ports, bolt holes, etc.. on the S14 head??

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