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2627 Views 18 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  terry dibler has "conversion kits" to for your "integra or civic" to make them look like an s14 "no one on your block has this kit!" WHAT SORT OF CRAP IS THIS? ARGH I hate! HATE HATE HATE!

ugh-i could say so much more, but i can't express it in writing (i'm tossing things around the room right now).

THE FUCK?!?!??

it even includes silvia headlights! i dont even think there's a kit for the 240 as complete as this! ...looking for an address and angry posse...let's have a lynch'n....
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man...i dunno guys...i see both sides of this...yet i live in an area where honda, nissan, mustang, and camaro owners all hang out together.heck one of my best friends owns a mustang and we get along alright. now i do hate anything with multiple gigantic apc stickers and well i hate this term but "riced" out cars. *puts on flame suit* i even like some of those aluminum wings on certain cars..though id never put one on my car or any car i owned for that matter unless i was running 11's or 10's
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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