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2627 Views 18 Replies 10 Participants Last post by  terry dibler has "conversion kits" to for your "integra or civic" to make them look like an s14 "no one on your block has this kit!" WHAT SORT OF CRAP IS THIS? ARGH I hate! HATE HATE HATE!

ugh-i could say so much more, but i can't express it in writing (i'm tossing things around the room right now).

THE FUCK?!?!??

it even includes silvia headlights! i dont even think there's a kit for the 240 as complete as this! ...looking for an address and angry posse...let's have a lynch'n....
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If they want the looks of a Silvia, why dont they just buy one? For the couple grand they would have to drop for a good looking Silvia, they would have one hell of a project car. Not to mention they would have a RWD vehicle... I do agree w/ Jon-Gee. Keep the Hondas looking like a Honda and Nissans like Nissans.

While it pisses me off that the Honda guys have more products to choose from, I'm thankful for what we do have. We have so much less crap to sort through. just about everything made for our car is of good quality.

MP2050 said:
Samo U have to understand where us Honduh haters are coming from. They have everything when it comes to after market--pretty soon they'll be able to get their whole car hooked up at pep boys...:rolleyes:
I totally agree. they have such a huge market, it is taking from us. It seems that the more Honda parts there are, the less Nissan parts are available. Oh well. Atleast we have torque. :D

I don't wanna sound prejudiced or something, but why can't the Honda guys keep their cars looking like their own? We don't go around making our cars look like an NSX do we? (though that is a beautiful car)
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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