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Grinding noise in my 91 SE-R

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My 91 SE-R makes a strange grinding/rubbing noise at the right front tire. It only makes it when the car is in gear and I take my foot off the gas. It goes away after the car has been driven for about 20 minutes. I checked the tire while the car was still and it doesn't appear to be close enough to rub anything. Has anyone had a problem similar to this and found out how to fix it?


98 Contour SVT
91 SE-R
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nismo_ser1 said:
I would check both axels (CV's and ware) and maybe check your tranny fluid to see if it's something grinding in your tranny housing. It sounds like a drivetrain problem more than a wheel rubbing issue.

take this guys advice...just lean down and check the boot...dont want that rim fallin off on the highway and passing you...kindof embarassing to have your own rim pass you ;)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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