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Hello everyone, just joined the board today!

Without being held at gun point, I actually purchased a Nissan in May 2021. A 2021 model T31 X-Trail, to be exact, sharing a lot of technology with 1st gen. Rogue you folks in US have. Before the X-Trail I had an E83 X3 BMW, but even though I loved the straight-six diesel in it, I hated the rough ride, constant problems and handling on poor forest roads. Prior to the BMW I had a Mk2 Hyundai Santa Fe, which was my first SUV as well. Before that, I've had about dozen cars.

I grew up in a small town where the only car dealership was Nissan. Thus, I saw a lot of local steel mill people trading their Soviet Ladas into Nissan Micras or Sunnys, so the entire brand got a bit of bad rap in my mind. Especially since a lot of those Sunnys, Almeras, Micras and Primeras from early noughties were quite woeful cars. When I met my wife, she was driving a 2005 Almera, which I also had to use far more than I wanted. The ride was choppy, steering nervous and I could barely hear my own thoughts at road speeds.

But Nissan has that flipside of the coin, aside making rather appalling cars, they're also rather good at making 4x4s. I loved their R51 Pathfinder, I'm strangely allured by their Navaras (Frontiers in US) and the first two X-Trails, T30 and T31 are also really good. So, for time being, I'm also a Nissan driver, LOL!

Janne aka Oxalainen
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