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Hello Nissan SR20DE Fans,

Just wanted to say "Hi" and "Thank You" to everyone involved with this site and the Classified section linked to it.

This past winter, I asked David Weber of Malvern Racing, what type of car he would suggest I get for my ex Quarter Midget racer 11 yr old son who wanted to begin racing in a FWD 4 cylinder class at 411 Raceway in Seymour, TN. The criteria were:
1. FWD
2. 4cly
3. No Turbo or Superchargers
4. Must be at least a 4 passenger body style.
5. Must be "Stock" except for removal of all interior and glass and added safety equipment.
6. The car needed to be "affordable". [I needed to be in the car for someplace at or under $1,000.00 less rollcage, fuel cell, etc.]

David immediately said " You need to get a 91-94 Nissan Sentra SE-R. Not an SE or XE ...... only the SE-R with the SR20DE motor will do!" I had never even heard of an SE-R, but I trusted that David Weber really knew what he was talking about.

I found such a car in the classifieds. We spent all spring and summer building the car. Over 100 Ft of 1 1/2 .095 DOM went into the NASCAR style rollcage. The car has a custom 13" Kirkey lightweight seat with all of the supports, fuel cell, aluminum dash, lexan windshield, cage net, window net, FireSafe system. Hutchens Device, etc. The pedals were extended up 6" and back 8" so the 4'7" driver could reach them and still see over the steering wheel.

Harry T's first race was on Aug 31, 2002. He won! The following weekend, he set a new track record for the class and won again! If anyone is interested, you can follow Harry Ts progress in the "Charger Div." here Click here:

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Did you just say 11 year old son and race an SE-R in the same paragraph??? Great!! Wish I had a dad like you. :) By the way, I couldn''t find the page you were talking about.
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