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Yep, the west coast finally gets some budget racing action.

For 2009, we get the SGC racing series in San Diego, sponsored by Grassroots Motorsports.

The format is a bit different from previous GRM events. Instead of one weekend of racing, the series takes place over the course of four months, and includes three drag race events, three autox events, and one concourse

The budget for the car this time around is $1000. You can reclaim up to half of the value of the car by selling parts which came on/with it, extending the budget a bit further. Also, things like paint, fluids, tires, and miscellaneous stuff that's too hard to track don't count towards your budget.

There's tons more info on the site at SDREV Grand Challenge
You can also check out the official SGC forum on if you need to find teammates or just some project ideas.
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