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Grand Am

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Anybody raced a 99 Grand Am SE in a stock SE-R/NX2000?? This kid has one and wanted to race but I told him some other time. I want to race him but I dont want to get embarrassed either. Just wondering if anybody knew what I would be up agianst. He claims that they are faster than a V6 Camaro. Not really sure I believe that its that fast, but its probably not slow either.
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The standard engine for the SE model is the 2.4-liter 16-valve Twin Cam four cylinder. The new 3.4-liter 3400 V6 engine is available on the SE and standard on the GT. So i dont know witch one he has. He might have a 2.4L engine or a 3.4 L engine.

Theses are the specs for the 3.4 L..

Horsepower @ rpm 170 bhp @ 4800 rpm
Torque @ rpm (lb-ft) 195 [email protected] rpm
Block/cylinder material Cast iron/aluminum
Ignition system Electronic
Alternator 105-amp
Battery 12 volt
Fuel delivery Sequential-port fuel injection
Fuel requirement 87 octane (regular unleaded)
Maximum engine speed 6000 rpm

You do the math, im not sure what you have in your car but it might be a good race.
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It is the 3.4 litre V6. I didnt specify because i didnt think they put the 4 cylinder in the new ones. Sorry

My car is a stock NX2000. So it may be worth a shot. I tried looking for 1/4 mile times for the Grand Am but couldnt find any except for the GT.
even if he has 170hp, you'll most likely have the advantage due better power/weight ratio...
200SXSE said:
even if he has 170hp, you'll most likely have the advantage due better power/weight ratio...
Yeah, and its a PONTIAC.
My advice to you being an nx2000 owner would be to get a good launch and you will be able to take him by a car length or two up to about 70 in a stock nx2k. There power lies off the line with there torque. They get going pretty good, but then start to trail off. I have driven the new gt's and se's and that is the story with them. launch at around 2700-3000 and dont floor it off the line, give it gas moderately until u feel it stop spinning then drop the throttle completely, this should help get you out of the whole pretty well. OH yeah, and another thing, what is that thing doing stock!? Time for mods!!! i would start with a full tune up, then clean out the throttle body, and reground the maf. If i were you, my first mod would be a cai. Place racing and hotshot both make very good units which are good for about 8 whp. You can find the info for tune-up procedure anc cleaning on
Its like the sr20 bible.

I have only had the car for about a month and a half. Moving up from a 93 Sentra XE to a NX2000 was a pretty big jump. Now that im getting more used to it im ready to start some mods. But im not mechanically inclined. With the exception of a CAI, I would probably need help doing much else. I got some thing in the mail from nissan that says I can get a tune-up for $50.
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